Phil Coulson
Hello. I'm Phil Coulson. I was informed that I should "get with the times" and stop being a recluse. So I have this now.

I am the principal at Keokuk High School and do my best to help guide and shape young minds. When I'm not running a school, I'm...oh who am I kidding? I really don't have much time outside of running the school.

I do play hockey and soccer in what little spare time I do have though. That's something right?

((AU roleplay for Phil Coulson. FC: Clark Gregg. Both Mun and Muse are definitely 18+))

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I have the best looking husband in the world and no one can tell me differently.

May 22, 2013 he went into a coma

June 6th he flat lined for four horrifying minutes.

And one year ago today, June 12th, he opened his eyes and finally came back to me. I love him more than anything else in the world and I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t woken up from his coma or they hadn’t been able to revive him.

YA Lyublyu tebya, Lyubimaya.  Neizmenno.

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sweeeeeeeeeet :Q…

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Totally forgot that Agent Coulson went undercover as the boss of Tom and Summer in that greeting card company.

I think I’m really going to write that MayWard x 500 Days of Summer fic.

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Everyone needs this on their dash from time to time

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look at this fucker

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